Church picture
(with kind permission of artist Willie J. Taglieri III)church circa 1888


Hurricane/Flood FLOYD

On Friday September 17, 1999, Trenton residents awoke with the Trent River overflowing into the streets, and by that afternoon water had risen until Trenton United Methodist Church was flooded with water 6" deep in the sanctuary and 12" deep in the remainder of the entire building.  Cleanup efforts were extensive and repair and rebuilding efforts took until August 2000 to complete.   This Church was built in 1888 and had never experienced a flooding situation of this magnitude in its history. Trenton's flood plain level was established from 1908 and water was 3 ft. in excess of this level.  A picture is posted showing this church at time of  flood crest.  Also an aerial view of Trenton is shown. (By Charles Buchanan with kind permission of  THE KINSTON FREE PRESS)  NOTE: This is a very large file and will take a while to load!  This was the only Methodist Church in the New Bern District to sustain serious damage, although many in eastern North Carolina experienced significant damage.  Several members also sustained major damage to their home, crops, and livestock.  Many local churches assisted with cleanup efforts and supplies.  Some of the church groups lending major assistance to this disaster relief effort have been listed here.  Our church was still able to act as the Distribution Center for the town and adjacent community until ceasing 11-1-1999.  Many of our members volunteered in its operation.  Over 400 individual volunteers served and more than 50 homes were provided assistance, and about 50 churches of several denominations were represented.  Needless to say, our damage was great and our needs were many.  A list of damages with estimated expenses associated are provided for your review.